Sandi Merrill, RYT 500

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Seeking a complementary practice to her exercise/dance regimen, Sandi began experimenting with various styles of yoga. A persistent knee injury 10 years ago sidelined her high impact activities and brought her into orbit with Jayadeva. The purely physical yoga practice changed a tightly bound body into a loose pliable one. Along the way, a tightly closed heart became open to more love and loving; a tightly wound mind was set free. There has been an evolution from a once a week class, to a daily asana and meditation practice, to sharing her joy of yoga with students. Sandi’s husband, grown children and friends all in-joy the benefits of her yoga practice.

Sandi is a certified Integral Yoga Instructor and also certified in TGR Yoga’s Advanced Yoga and Fundamentals of Yoga for Wellness and Healing. She currently teaches at the Princeton Integral Yoga Institute, the West Windsor Library and to private clients, and has been one of the principal trainers for the 200-hour Integral Yoga Teacher Training.