We are thrilled to offer some yoga classes for your benefit and enjoyment. The Yoga with Jayadeva is available on a drop-in basis, while other classes require contacting the instructor before attending. And... take a look at the upcoming yoga teacher training. it is rich and wonderful. click here to learn more about teacher training.

CLICK HERE for the schedule of what is currently taking place at TGR Yoga, and below you will find a listing of the classes with the instructors. Clicking on the name of the class or the name of the instructor will give you more information.



Yoga in Japanese * with Machiko Poot * 6-week series * Mondays * 10-11:15am * starts January 5th

Effective Movement thru Tai Chi * with Sanela SolakAaron Craelius * weekly * Mondays * 7:30-9pm

Chair Yoga * with Jayadeva * weekly * Wednesdays * 10-11:30am

Yoga * with Jayadeva * weekly * Thursdays * 8:15-9:45am * & Saturdays * 8-9:30am

Breast Cancer Resource Center's Restorative Yoga * with Mireille * weekly * Thursdays * 10-11:30am

Bhagavad Gita Study Group * with Jayadeva * weekly * Sundays * 6-8pm

Yoga Teacher Trainings (see the Teacher Training tab at the top of the page)