Jenni Jivani DeSio, RYT

Jenni's yoga journey began with a book by Swami Sivananda that she found at a yard sale when she was 20 years old, and what initiated as a fitness practice has evolved into a way of being. After completing basic yoga teacher training through TGR, a desire to share the teachings of yoga inspired her to go deeper into her own practice, both physically and spiritually.  Through practices such as asana, breathing, and meditation, she found a way to connect to her higher self and live a healthy, balanced, and enriched life. She has also completed Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training with Andrea Sacchetti, and serves as Operations Supervisor for the not-for-profit Integral Yoga Institute.

Known for her playful but gentle demeanor, she encourages others to embrace the yogic path, and to open themselves up to positive and useful changes that bring happiness and wellbeing into their own lives.  Jenni teaches yoga to all levels of students, but her passion is in sharing gentle and restorative classes that emphasize sensory awareness. These body-centered practices focus the attention on what's being felt internally when moving into poses, to allow for connection to sensation, rather than avoiding or resisting it, in order to facilitate profound healing and mind-body communion.